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I Love This Bag - March 11, 2009

By Patrice Roarke (West Boylston, MA)

I have been using the Better bag now for about 6 months and recently purchased more to share with family and friends.

With its large capacity, I find that one Better Bag replaces about 6-8 plastic grocery bags, so I try to keep one or two in my handbag when I go out. The bag folds up quite small which makes it easy to store.

My original two bags have received a lot of use and look the same as the day I received them. They hold up extremely well and I love the extra long handles. They are double sewn and very secure.

Overall, I recommend this product to anyone looking for a reusable bag. Apart from the fact that it is fully recyclable, the Better Bag is flexible, strong, attractive and useful.


A Better Bag for Sure! - February 16, 2009

By Zane D. Jones 

Bags Bags and More Bags! I'm beginning to think that the bag is going to replace the stainless water bottle as the international signal of environmentalists.

A few weeks ago we reviewed a reusable grocery bag made by trader joes. Well, almost 30 minutes after that review went live I got an email from Steve at offering me a sample and a chance to prove him right and proclaim to the world that he has a better bag.

I didn't tell him this but I'm a sucker for business owners with guts and cajones! I love it when someone who makes a product can claim, unequivocally that their product is superior. Well, not long after he and I worked out the details I was using his bag and measuring it up to others.

Steve doesn't say that other bags are bad... his is just better for the sole reason that it is 100% completely recyclable. See, Steve has over 20 years experience recycling plastic. So he knows that most of the other recycled bags have been changed from a pure plastic to an other and that most municipalities can't recycle them. So when you go to throw away your "not better" bag, it gets put straight into the landfill. Not so with the better bag. Send it back to them and he can promise you that its gets recycled properly.

The better bag is a black plastic weave with cloth handles. It is large, flexable, and strong. I used it and abused it and it kept on ticking. It serves that same purpose as other bags, but it is a true cradle to cradle product. It's not less bad, its good!


A Great Bag - October 19, 2009

By A. Pracht

I am very happy with these bags. While I bought the bags to be green, they are so much nicer then that. These bags hold far more then a "disposable" grocery bag. You can easily put 3-4 bags of groceries in this bag. They are strong enough and big enough to hold two gallons of milk. The bags have nice sturdy handles that feel good in the hands. This allows you to carry in some much more in one trip. The bags stand on their own which makes packing them at the store and unloading them at home so much easier.